4 tips for staystitching to prevent stretched out necklines

  Staystitching is a stitch sewn through a single layer of cloth. It used to reduce distortion.   This is...
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The Way to Look for inspiration Rather than Clothes

  I came out with a lot, and that I did not invest a dime.   Inspiration shopping is just...
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How much clothing is too much?

  We purchased our first property as I've mentioned here and there. And if it is time to proceed, since...
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How can you get rid of things you’ve made?

  There is something very. You begin to understand that your stuff is not significant, as you eliminate these things...
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The 3 biggest reasons I sew – what are yours?

Clothes can be bought for pennies Nowadays. The growth of this fashion market that was quick has made an extremely...
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What skills have you ever prevented (for no great reason)?

  I used to prevent knits. I didn't really have a reason behind this, apart from that I was comfortable...
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What exactly are the sewing resolutions?

  Can you make resolutions for the year?   I understand some folks say that it is silly and random,...
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Sewing Chatter: how can your sewing skills improve?

  Learning how to sew is tough. The majority of us will come that ebb and flow of sewing jobs...
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What are your thoughts on learning to sew?

I have been thinking a lot lately.   I discussed this with someone lately. She stated that knitting took off,...
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If you Are a Complete beginner, The Way to Construct Abilities

  I'd love to speak to all the novices out there, Now. When you are learning something new, flavor and...
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