Learning how to sew is tough. The majority of us will come that ebb and flow of sewing jobs inside a life. However, the interesting part about sewing is understanding how to conquer those barriers. Your challenge might be finding the courage, or even time. For some guys, it may be confronting the stigma of a craft dominated by girls.


Joost honestly speaks about how he climbed his abilities from adjusting to stitching curtains to creating virtually everything that he wears (yep, his sneakers). He worries that there is not 1 method to understand to sew, and we all must attempt to locate our own identities at the machine that is sewing. A number people may take a path, and others are going to go rogue on a sewing experience that is self-taught.


Joost indicates that learning comes out of enjoying. You will discover a way if you like sewing. I must agree!


What makes it possible to understand about sewing? Books, tutorials? Or is it every outfit you practicing exactly the exact same pattern, or purchase? Curiosity is in the center of sewing, but just how can you remain curious?


Join the dialogue below to share your favorite way to find out and get motivated from other people.


Here is what I wish to know: how can you improve your sewing skills?

  • How can you get started studying?
  • What are some of your barriers while learning how to sew?
  • How can you keep interested in sewing?