I have been thinking a lot lately.


I discussed this with someone lately. She stated that knitting took off, but it feels like sewing is still on that verge of fame. I think that the reason for this is that knitting has a really low barrier to entry. Without understanding much else, you can literally learn two stitches in an afternoon and make some fairly cool things.


Now, there is a lot you can learn about knitting: increasing/decreasing, lace knitting, color function, etc. With knitting, like those skills are really well defined, but I feel. You can say to yourself, “I wish to learn to do fair isle knitting,” pick out a pattern, look up a few of the abundant resources online, and get started. By the project’s close, you know how to do fair isle.


Like it challenging to KNOW what skills you want, but it feels. There are many little tricks and methods of doing. Therefore, it appears to be a lot of people simply learn how to sew in a way that is piecemeal, by slowly figuring things out as time passes. It requires a real desire to figure things out.


So, I wondered, for you guys, how can you learn how to sew? Did you have someone to assist you? Did you continue working on things by yourself? Can you learn from a book? A reference books?


About learning from the way, you 11, what did you enjoy? And exactly what do you think is your ideal way to learn? As for me, I prefer to learn by doing projects.


I’m also interested in why you learned to sew. Was it to create cool things you couldn’t find in the stores? To address issues with your body? To save cash?


I’m hearing a bit more about you guys and your foundation and very interested in your experience with this! Do tell.