Can you make resolutions for the year?


I understand some folks say that it is silly and random, but I think that it’s wonderful to have a reminder to reflect on where you are and everything you have done and to think of a few targets.


Sewing-wise, this was a strange year for me personally. All in all, I have not actually done much sewing, although I have had a few projects here and there. A huge reason is functional: my gear transferred. So, sewing for pleasure means spending time. However, by stitching a bit through the week at a time I’m likely to get over that obstacle. I’d love to sew 1 or 2 two clothes a month only for pleasure.


I am also likely to create my very first quilt! I’m incredibly excited about that and have a simple design and the fabric.


I would love to perform more apparel planning until I sew. I am even considering a fun job: select on a palette for sew and your season out of this palette. Would some of you be interested in joining me?


Which are your resolutions in regard to stitching? Whatever try out or that you wish to know? Any skills wish to enhance? Or jobs?