There is nothing like a brand new Online acronym to cause you to feel Though a few brief forms, such as mild”lol” (“laugh out loud”) and barbarous”g2g” (“must go”), have discovered life beyond the computer display, additional initials are more cryptic. For the inquisitive souls requesting Google, “Exactly what exactly does SMH mean?”What Does SMH Mean?

The hindsight this is precisely the way I felt when I needed to Google exactly what”SMH” signifies isn’t lost on me.

But, there’s a cruel twist. SMH may also stand for”so much despise,” because it will at Urban Dictionary’s Third definition. Fair enough, this alternative is really like”shaking my head” Like its brother,”so much despise” conveys a conquered feeling of”that is so dumb it does not justify a genuine reaction.” Is not an acronym’s task to make our lives simpler, not more confusing?
So Meta, I am SMH

Literally every other net short form has a single definite significance. BTW means”from the way” LMK means”allow me to understand.” I really could go on.

Perhaps the reason we are all Googling”SMH” is it has two strong prospective definitions. In any event, do you understand what I am doing as I recognize that”SMH” has two distinct, though equally valid significance? Reader, I’m shaking my head since I believe so much hate for this bizarre acronym. SMH Inception, guy.