I used to prevent knits. I didn’t really have a reason behind this, apart from that I was comfortable with cloths that are woven and understood more. They looked more versatile.

Since they were comfy, and I’d put on the hell out of these.


What type of sorcery was that? Who’d knits been all of my life? Why had they been written by me off for a long time?


The response was not that. The main reason is that I had told me that knits “were not for me”

I had no fantastic reason for this. It’s only something the more I thought it, the longer I stuck to my story, and I had convinced myself.


This is a realization for me personally, since I really like learning new things. I’m not the kind instead of just trying out something, to wring my hands. For me personally, developing and learning is exactly what makes sewing a joy and I have learned to take failures.


But we have all blind spots perhaps, or about what we can do what we would like to do.


Most of us draw on all these lines in the sand around abilities that are specific. I have seen hints of it on the site.


These lines create a good deal of sense. Perhaps since it feels lavish you would rather purchase panties. You don’t have any interest in dealing with pieces and seams. On stitching coats Perhaps, you spend your time. Feeling and those motives are legitimate.


However, other times, we tell ourselves that we are not thinking about learning something because it seems overwhelming or too large. We’re afraid of sucking for a little while, which we will it. On how we do not wish to know about it, but we tell a story to ourselves.


I think we lie a whole lot about what we can and cannot do.


What is something (sewing connected or not) which you have placed into your psychological “I do not care ” box?