On June 26, 1977, Elvis Presley performed among his signature “If you believe I am nervous,” he joked to the tremendous audience,”you are correct.”

Tragically, Elvis was correct to feel that something was wrong. This Are his very last concert .

The King, as he had been called, left millions of aspiring lovers, his fiancée Ginger Alden, along with his daughter Lisa-Marie Presley.

–It Is”Why?”

While we understand when Elvis passed away, the question of the reason he expired is more difficult to answer.

Alden’s discovery of this body wasn’t a pretty sight. Elvis’s fiancée Discovered that the singer imprisoned and unresponsive, lying face-first on the ground of the master bath. Worse, the singer appeared to have frozen and dropped down at the center of working with the commode. Alden called an ambulance, but the harm was done. Though hospital employees tried to revive Elvis, he had been announced dead at 3:30 PM.

Following the post-mortem examination, physicians announced the King died of some Heart attack and even given that no drugs were included, regardless of the fact that the toxicology report had not been returned. After the toxicology report was published, it became evident this wasn’t the entire story. Elvis didn’t die of a mere heart attack.

FILE PHOTO: President Richard Nixon meets with Elvis Presley December 21, 1970 at the White House. (Photo by National Archives)

While many rock and roll celebrities were rumored drug users, Elvis’s Team and family had managed to maintain his own struggles comparatively silent. That is why fans discovered the post-mortem so crushing. It was just after Elvis’s passing the public actually understood the seriousness of his dependence. The King of Rock and Roll depended heavily on opiates and Quaaludes, carrying many different drugs in improper doses.

Regrettably for Presley, his physician, the infamous Dr. Nichopoulos, Had prescribed 8,000 doses of different medications in his past couple of decades of life. Finally, Nichopoulos’s questionable behavior would catch him up. The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners suspended his license indefinitely in 1995. However, for Elvis fans, the harm was done.

Due to Elvis’s substantial drug use, the singer advised Deep constipation, lending additional indignity to his tragic passing. Doctors demonstrated that Elvis passed away while still trying to defecate. The particular duration for Elvis’s cause of death is that the valsalva maneuver, in which the strain of trying a bowel movement puts so much strain on the abdominal aorta that it arouses a heart attack.

And therefore, years of hard living along with a naturopathic physician’s endless His funeral has been scheduled two weeks afterwards, which ought to have finished the unhappy saga of Elvis’ passing –but burial did not indicate the end of Elvis’s striking narrative.

Elvis was buried alongside his mommy at Forest Hill Cemetery–or in He was before an attempt was made to steal his own corpse. Three guys intended to steal the body and ransom it for tens of thousands of dollars. Following that, Elvis and his mum were reinterred in Graceland Mansion, where they remain to this day.

At a Really crazy twist, but the FBI informant who demonstrated this Plot back in 1977 later changed his story, saying the entire thing was an elaborate cover-up. Apparentlythe Presley family constantly wanted Elvis to break at Graceland and staged the corpse robbery to find the County to enable the special-circumstances burial.

Trick Question

However, for some hardcore fans, maybe not even this can be enough of a jaw-dropping twist. Since Elvis’ death, a number of those hip-swinging entertainer’s followers also have insisted that the entire thing was a conspiracy. With this exceptional subset of Elvis devotees, the singer did not die–he faked his own death to escape the spotlight and reside in hiding.

While, to the best of our understanding, Elvis actually did move away on August 16, 1977, we know why people have difficulty saying goodbye. Yes really.